Elizabeth's Gluten Free Menu (We are Fully Licensed)

Food is cooked and prepared - fresh to your order. Please be patient during busy periods

If you have any special Dietry requirements, please let us know.

We passionately support British Farmers and Growers by using quality

Local and British Produce in our Menu. These include UK Red Tractor
Gammon Ham, Free Range Eggs and Dorset Coastal Cheddar.


Sandwiches: Served 12.00-3.00

on GF sliced bread with a Salad garnish

Our tasty roast Gammon Ham (Not reconstituted) and
full flavoured Mature Farmhouse Cheddar are locally sourced


Tasty, Gammon Ham.....£5.00


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese (add Onion + 25p).....£5.00


Tasty Gammon Ham & fresh, sliced Tomato.....£5.30


Tasty Gammon Ham & Pickled Beetroot.....£5.30


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese & Pickled Beetroot.....£5.30


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese & fresh, sliced Tomato.....£5.30


Tuna Mayonaise.....£6.75


Tasty Gammon Ham & Mature Farmhouse Cheddar.....£5.95


Toasty Sandwiches: Served 12.00-3.00

on GF sliced bread & Salad garnish


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese (add Onion + 25p).....£6.00


Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese & Tomato.....£6.25


Gammon Ham & Tomato.....£6.25


Gammon Ham & Cheddar Cheese.....£6.75


Jacket Potato: Served 12.00-2.30

buttered and loaded with filling(s) & side salad


Simply, deliciously Buttered.....£4.85


Saucy Heinz Beans.....£5.95


Saucy Heinz Beans & Mature Farmhouse Cheddar .....£7.40


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar (add onion + 25p).....£6.90


Tasty Gammon Ham.....£6.90


Tasty Gammon Ham and Cheddar.....£7.70


Tuna Mayonaise.....£7.95


Enjoy a Light & Savoury Omelette: Served 12.00-2.30

With two Free Range Eggs, Cooked to Order, with a Side Salad, Chips
or a Salad Garnish & snack portion of GF Chips


Plain & Simple.....£5.50


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar....£6.50


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar and Tomato.....£6.90


Local Gammon Ham.....£6.50


Mature Farmhouse Cheddar & Gammon Ham.....£7.10


Best of the rest: Served 12.00-2.30


Homemade Soup, made with seasonal vegetables. (Vegetarian, Dairy & Gluten Free) served with GF bread and butter.....£5.25


Ham, Egg & Chips witha Salad Garnish.....£7.25


Ploughman's Lunch: Pickled Onion, Tomato,
Fruity Chutney or Branston pickle, Lettuce leaves,
GF roll & Butter - either Gammon Ham, Mature Cheddar,
or a combination of each.....£7.35


Please Ask for any advice or other Special Requirements